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You've just received a tattoo from a highly trained professional who disinfected the area, used sterile needles, sterile tubes, and sterile ink. Now is the important part, making sure it looks as best as it can!

Quick Care:

1. Leave bandage on 1-2 hours.

2. Wash with hot water (very warm, but don't burn yourself) and

 liquid antibacterial soap and rinse well, with hot water.

3. Apply Aquaphor or Hector's Healing Moose Drool salve lightly, 2-3 times per day. Each time remember to dab or pat off the excess. Your tattoo should look dry to damp NOT greasy. Less is more when healing a new tattoo.   If excess scabbing occurs simple stop using ointment and let your body heal naturally (this is commonly known as a "dry heal"). 

4. Do NOT saturate your tattoo when bathing. Remember, most people get their tattoos too wet or apply too much ointment. Keep as DRY as possible through healing to retain a bright appearance.

Leaving the bandage on for the appropriate length of time is very important to prevent infection. We have taken extreme measures to ensure your safety, please be as concerned for your new tattoo as we have been. When removing the bandage it may stick due to plasma drainage, if this happens, soak the bandage under water until it releases. When applying ointment, put it INTO your tattoo, not on top of the skin. There should not be any left on the surface of your skin afterwards.

Ink manufacturers state that Neosporin, Polysporin and Triple Antibiotic Ointment all contain Neomycin. Neomycin WILL remove ink, as they are designed to remove impurities or foreign entities from the skin.  DO NOT use products containing Neomycin. Applying too much ointment to your tattoo will remove color... the more you use it, the more color you will loose. Please keep your skin as dry as possible. It may look bad for awhile, but you will retain maximum color and appearance. You will likely get TWO scabs. The first is your primary scab, it tends to feel heavy and stiff. The secondary scab will be dry and ashy looking, you may also see tiny white skin around the entire tattoo. After the secondary scab begins to fall away, you may begin to use a quality, perfume free lotion lightly. Do not over use the lotion.

This aftercare program was developed after years of testing. Other artists may give different instructions, they are not necessarily wrong, they have just found a system that works for them. We KNOW this works for us, it has worked for thousands and it will work for you! 

Your tattoo success DEPENDS ON YOU!

**If a touch up to your tattoo is needed it is FREE of charge to you for 90 days from the day after you receive your tattoo. We stand behind our work and understand that from time to time a healing may leave you missing a bit of ink. If you follow our aftercare instructions we will gladly retouch your tattoo. 

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